Portrait of Hans Jaeger by Edvard Munch

Portrait of Hans Jaeger by Edvard MunchPortrait of Hans Jaeger by Edvard Munch

Edvard Munch; The Norwegian expressionist artist painted a portrait of Forfatteren Hans Jager in 1889, which is kept in the Oslo National Gallery in Norway.

This work, painted with oil on canvas, Hans Jager; The author shows the Norwegian in a hat and a tight coat, leaning on a large blue sofa. Many brushstrokes can be seen in the painting, which gives texture to the piece and also adds to its beauty.

This work, which is a portrait, is now kept in the National Gallery of Oslo, Norway.

Edvard Munch; He was an outstanding Norwegian painter in the style of expressionism and impressionism. He experienced a childhood with pressure and illness, which had a great impact on his mood, that's why many of his paintings are based on pain and illness and with the theme of a man and a woman. Munch was an extremely "personal" artist whose moods have been manifested in his works in different periods. His self-portraits in different periods prove his mental state, which was often "inflamed".

Among his most famous paintings are the four "Scream Collection" paintings, commonly known as "Scream".