"To be and not to be" painting by Master Farshchian

"To be and not to be" painting by Master Farshchian"To be and not to be" painting by Master Farshchian

Mahmoud Farshchian; He is a contemporary Iranian painter who was born in Isfahan. He had a great influence on the process of traditional Iranian painting and other traditional arts of Iran. His works have been exhibited in many cities of the world such as: Paris, New York, Chicago, etc. Also, in 2014, he was awarded the medal of honor for the jihadist in the field of culture and art

A very beautiful and meaningful work of painting (miniature) by master Mahmoud Farshchian called "To be and not to be" is kept in the Book and Art Museum. In this painting, Farshchian depicts a family that is doing their daily work and at the same time, the man dies in front of the woman's bewildered eyes. An angel is seen above this family holding the cup of death. Farshchian has actually intended the presence of an angel with a cup in the shape of a human head skeleton in his hand to mean that life and death are very close together.

The name of the work: To be and not to be / The creator of the work: Mahmoud Farshchian / The dimensions of the work: 33.32 x 48.26 with work margin