Fukuda; Japanese graphic design genius

Fukuda; Japanese graphic design geniusFukuda; Japanese graphic design genius

What is a Japanese poster? A performance, a pleasure, a vibration or a shock? Like any miracle, Japanese poster-making cannot be understood instantly. This design method is not easy to understand. The Japanese poster can be understood through its dignity, abstraction and indirect message. Before any attempt to understand it, one should understand its immediate effectiveness and freshness.

Shigeo Fukuda can only be called a stylish designer. He is the genius of Japanese graphic design. The joy of discovering and presenting visual experiences in Fukuda's works delights the viewer. The apparent simplicity and inner complexity in his works show the samurai-like and Japanese spirit. Precision, elegance, point of view, idea and everything that every designer aspires to achieve can be found in his works. The basis of Fukuda's work is on positive and negative nature. The idea has a special place in his works, and less work tends to mere formalism.

Nagasaki 50th commemoration poster/ Shigeo Fukuda

This poster was designed for the 50th commemoration of Nagasaki, Japan. Nagasaki, a coastal city in the southwest of Hiroshima, Japan, was bombed by the United States in August 1945 during World War II. A fisted hand holds the number zero and presses it. The sum of five fingers and the number zero represent the number fifty, which refers to the 50th commemoration of Nagasaki. The number zero and its negative space have created the shape of the hand with the help of vision error. The first letter of the word Nagasaki is placed in the left corner of the poster in the form of the letter N.