Life after death in soul animation

Life after death in soul animationLife after death in soul animation

Pixar can be considered the "house of geniuses" and "Pete Doctor" is definitely one of the important geniuses of this studio. The man who created "Monsters Company", "Up" and the title "Inside Out" and created a very bright career for himself in this studio.

Soul is an animation by Pete Doctor that deals with the issue of death, life and the world of us humans; A topic that we rarely hear about in an animation. But how did Soul show these concepts and what was the end result?

Joe Gardner (voiced by Jamie Foxx) is a music teacher at an ordinary school, and although he seems satisfied with his job, he has a bigger dream: to one day play in a good band and spend the night with them. This single middle-aged man has not had any luck so far, and his mother insists that he get a job with a fixed salary and insurance for himself so that his life can go properly.

Things change when finally, thanks to one of Joe's old students, he is able to join a small group and it is decided to perform their first performance on the same night. Joe does not fit into his skin and runs through the busy streets of New York and finally falls into a deep well and dies.

In the Great After episode, which is the post-purgatory world, a big light is designed in the dark to embrace death, to which the escalator goes. This design and image of dying does not directly refer to a particular religion and is a belief that exists among most people: a light in the darkness and sinking into the taste of death. Pixar has created this part a little scary and like Inside Out, it deals with these issues very frankly and does not want to fake lies. The part where the souls move towards death is scary for some and not for some, in fact it is emphasized that death is terrifying for some and there is nothing wrong with being afraid of it. As Inside Out said, it's okay to cry.

There are many people who do not know exactly what they want to do with life. Those who do not like any job and profession and hate everything. They consider the world to be boring and they want a lot of money to come to them for free and live their lives, or some of them do not expect this and they just want their daily life to pass and be over.

The protagonist (Joe) is also a middle-aged man who was one of the few souls in history who wanted to return to earth (although this seems a bit strange). He has just brought his Sparkle into action in life and doesn't want to spend his new life path in the afterlife. He is a middle-aged man who doesn't seem to have much of a love life and is still a mama's boy. It can be said that he closes his eyes to all the other beauties of the world and only thinks about his one dream.

Joe loves music and has built his life on this love. His mother tells him that his love of music and art doesn't put breakfast on the table for him, and Joe says, "So I don't eat breakfast." He is an example of a successful person who follows his heart and deals with this issue realistically.

In the purgatory world of animation, there are people who are stuck in their lives. Some of these traps are a distraction (just like when the brain suddenly goes blank and becomes empty of nothing. Like the moment when we stare at the wall without any thoughts) and some of them are more acute and have a sense of captivity. The presentation of both of these "stucks" is beautifully done. In the first case, the human soul is wrapped around an aura that bursts with a balloon needle (like the moment you break one and you jump out of your stare) and in the other, where there's a deeper issue going on, an aura of darkness and monstrosity surrounds the man. Learns. . People who are captured by worldly wealth or eat themselves with rotten thoughts. These people need more help from those around them, and something should be done for them to get rid of this black monster, and their work cannot be solved with a breaker.

The story of Soul is divided into several parts from this part onwards, the events of the purgatory world such as the animation (which is referred to as the Great Before) and traveling to different areas of this magical land and returning to Earth and... Joe Gardner, who died suddenly, plans to come back to life somehow, and in this way, he must cooperate with an unborn soul named 22 (voiced by Tina Fey) in order to be able to set foot on the earth again.

Soul animation has two very good characters with skilled voice acting behind them. The rest of the voice actors also did a magical job and all of them have fulfilled their mission to the best of their ability. We can safely say that in terms of music, this animation has exploded like a colorful bomb. It can be said that from the time of Fantasia to this day, in no Disney animation, music has served the image to such an extent. . Some characters such as "Terry" (the spirit of the accountant who can forcefully attach the title of the negative character of the story) have a musical theme that is exactly compatible with their mood. Almost all the scenes are accompanied by music and these pieces are made for these sequences so that removing them will greatly affect the visual enjoyment of the animation. Even COCO, which is considered a musical by Pixar, has not played with music to this extent.

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