The photo that made Robert Capa the most famous photographer in the world

The photo that made Robert Capa the most famous photographer in the worldThe photo that made Robert Capa the most famous photographer in the world

Many photographers testified to the violent events of the 20th century, but the most famous of them was Robert Capa, who brought thousands of pictures from the fields of brutality and killing. His camera finally fell from his hands in 1954 in the melee of the battlefield.

The most famous Kappa photo and perhaps the entire history of war photography, the image of an armed man at the moment of being shot, has been repeatedly questioned by researchers.   Some experts have doubted the authenticity of this photo. But now a new document clarifies this ambiguity to some extent.

It is said that the photo could not have been taken at the mentioned place and time. The photo was apparently taken on September 5, 1936 in the Moriano pine plain. It is said that there was no specific conflict in the mentioned place on the mentioned day.

In the photo, an armed soldier can be seen without uniform. Many of the volunteers who defended the Spanish Republic against the attacks of the Falange forces led by General Franco were ordinary people who mostly belonged to the deprived strata of society. In the photo, a man can be seen in simple and even ragged clothes, with a bullet train on his waist and an old rifle in his hand. The man's body is folded, the hand carrying the gun is away from the body and the man's head is strongly bent back. Everything indicates that the man was shot at the same moment and will fall to the ground the next moment.

It should also be noted that among the more than seventy thousand photos left by Kappa, there is no negative of the mentioned photo. Many have said that Capa's photo is not a picture of a real event, but a reconstruction of a scene that he probably saw in Spain and tried to make it "real".

A conversation has recently been found in an old archive that reinforces the authenticity of Kappa's photo.

In October 1947, in an interview with NBC radio, Capa explained how he took the "shot soldier" photo. He says that during the Spanish Civil War, he was once trapped in a trench with about twenty soldiers of the Republican Army. The soldiers were armed with worn-out and old rifles, while they faced heavy fire from the fascist armed forces and were killed one by one under machine gun fire.

According to Kappa, the armed men defending the Republic tried several times to stop the firing of the heavy machine gun, but each time they were shot and fell to the ground. "Finally, when the fourth gunman tried to go from the trench to the machine gun, I held the camera above my head in the hiding place and without seeing the scene, I pressed the button and took the picture."

Capa adds: "I never saw the photos I had taken there, but I sent them all directly to the news agency office. When I came back from Spain, I became a very famous photographer because of the photo I took of a man with a camera overhead at the moment he was shot."

The newly released audio tape is the only "live" document of the world's most famous photojournalist.

Robert Capa, the real name of Andrei Friedman, was born on October 22, 1913 in Hungary. By traveling to Germany, he studied journalism and photography in Berlin.

With the rise of the Nazi regime in Germany, he went to France and worked for a while in an atelier with Henri Cartier-Bresson, a famous photographer.

During the Spanish Civil War from 1936 to 1939, he went to Spain several times to prepare photos and news, and was called "the best war photographer in the world" for his vivid and expressive photos of the scenes of battle and people's resistance.

During the Second World War, he continued to work as a photojournalist in America and was sent to battle scenes many times with the American soldiers. After the end of the war, along with several other photographers, he participated in the founding of the Magnum photography company.

On May 25, 1954, Robert Capa was shot in the leg while photographing the attacks of the French army in Vietnam during the First Indochina War. He was 41 years old when he died.

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