Emil and Ada Nolde

Emil and Ada NoldeEmil and Ada Nolde

In the middle of spring, April 13, 1956, Emile Nolde; The German painter and one of the first expressionist watercolors of the twentieth century died at the age of eighty-nine. Like his first wife, Ada (1879-1946), he was buried in Sibol. The Emile Nolde Foundation now preserves his memory and all of his artwork there.

Oil on canvas / Emile and Ada Nolde, Copenhagen 1902 (wedding photo)

"Emile and Ada Nolde" 120 years ago on February 25, 1902 in Copenhagen, Denmark on the occasion of Emile Nolde and his wife; Ada was drawn by this prominent artist. He writes about the subject of this painting:

 "A priest took care of the wedding, the youngest of them threw flowers, some were just surprised that the two of us, especially the two of us, wanted to be together; "But we wanted to and it happened."