Luigi Lucioni (1900-1988)

Luigi Lucioni (1900-1988)Luigi Lucioni (1900-1988)

Lucioni, with his unique point of view, had a strong sense and an extraordinary technique for dealing with subjects. He considered himself a classical realist with a modern outlook, whose works were influenced by Italian Renaissance artists, as well as Claude Lorrain and Paul Cézanne. The elaborate still lifes he created are the result of his personal studies and careful observations, as well as working and putting things together and considering their states. Lucioni says about his works: "My great desire in art is not to portray subjects as I see them, but to express what I know and feel about them. I try to create something that has existence and essence, to create landscapes that have space, and to create forms that have form and life. I love details, but not for the details themselves, but for the role it plays in creating larger spaces and in design."

Seeing Lucioni's canvases, the pristine space in it, the unusual compositions and the use of bright colors, one can consider him an artist who is deeply aware of the tradition of nobility, but at the same time, he is never attached to anything.