"Ego Erectus" a giant statue of human legs

"Ego Erectus" a giant statue of human legs"Ego Erectus" a giant statue of human legs

Mario Mankey is a contemporary Spanish artist. In his work, he examines the behavior of modern man, his feelings and anxieties

Mario uses different techniques for his works: painting, street art, sculptures and even comic illustrations. But in this article we will talk about a remarkable arrangement or sculpture.

"Ego Erectus" is a giant statue of human legs that entered from the ceiling of a room. The installation was created as part of the German project "HAUS" ("House"), which was designed by 175 artists who wanted to transform an abandoned five-story bank building before demolition into a vibrant exhibition of young artists' works.

Mario's work is both an artistic communication with the viewer and a provocation full of humor and sarcasm. In this work, the impression is created that above the ceiling, there is someone who owns these feet, who entered from the upper floors of the building!

Mario Manchi has used the name "Ego Erectus" for his work, which in Latin means one who paves the way. Undoubtedly, any viewer who enters this room will be surprised, this surprise means what is the meaning of our life inside small rooms?

The human soul needs a lot of space and how can we be locked in these small cages.

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