The painting of The son of the man by Rene Magritte

The painting of The son of the man by Rene MagritteThe painting of The son of the man by Rene Magritte

René Magritte; The Belgian painter is one of the most prominent representatives of surrealism in painting and the inventor of visual puns. One of his famous works is The son of the man, which is one of the most well-known surrealist paintings in the world.

A man in a gray coat and a brimmed hat is depicted by the painter, his face completely covered with a green apple.

Name of the work: The son of the man / Creator of the work: René Magritte / Style of the work: Surrealism / Technique of the work: oil paint on canvas / Dimensions of the work: 86 x 116 cm / Year of creation: 1964

In this work, which Magritte created in 1964, the face of a man is hidden behind a green apple, which means the painter's lack of attention and the importance of the identity and fame of the person depicted in the painting.

René Magritte has always challenged people's beliefs, sense of curiosity and predetermined assumptions in his works. He tries to show the audience how naively and confidently he talks about facts that are beyond his knowledge.

Magritte himself said about this work:

Everything we see hides something else. We always want to see what is hidden with what we see but this is not possible. Humans hide their secrets very well.