Christ is raising the daughter of Jairus

Christ is raising the daughter of JairusChrist is raising the daughter of Jairus

Ilya Repin / 1871 / Christ is reviving the daughter of Jairus / Oil and paint

As part of a student competition, "Christ Raising the Daughter of Jairus" is the subject of a gospel book drawn by Ilya Repin 1871, which won him a gold medal and a free student table. While working on this vast and immortal screen, Rapin not only fully applied the scientific and educational criteria, but at the same time went beyond something. He interpreted the excellent and unique method he had learned at university not as an orderly system, but as an interesting tradition associated with the ability of art to reflect the greatness of the human soul.

The twelve-year-old girl of Jairus is lying on the bed in a white dress and lotus flowers can be seen around her head. Jesus holds the girl's right hand in her right hand while wearing blue and red. The bottom of the bed is seen in the background of five people; Jairus, his wife and followers of Jesus, Peter, John and James.

Emotions in the room are considerably heavy. Jairus' wife is seen holding a white handkerchief in her hands, which she attaches to her chest, and Jairus is holding hands next to her, and their destruction can be clearly seen. However, with a little light that illuminates them, a spark of hope can be seen in their eyes; Because Jesus took their daughter in his arms. The followers of Jesus are almost invisible in the background, one of them resting his hand on the changing room table and is not as surprised as the girl's parents.

The darkness on the right side of the image causes the eye to naturally move towards the resurrection (left). Darkness is revealed when a person sees light from behind the curtains on the top right of the canvas. Although it is outside during the day, it is dark inside the synagogue and the only source of light inside the room is the three flames of oil lamps above the girl's bed, giving the atmosphere of the presence of Christ and the girl a sacred effect and doubling the spiritual importance of the scene. So that the clearest and most prominent details of this curtain are mentioned.

The bedspread, the tablecloth, the garments of Jesus, and the garments of the audience, as well as the curtain through which the light has come out, all have vertical folds, in contrast to the relatively wide horizontal canvas. Upward lines can be seen in several scenes across the board; Including three oil lamps, furniture lines and columns in the background. The red curtains above Jesus' head are also vertical, creating a situation that represents someone waking up.

Details in the room show the persistence of the girl's illness; Clothes on the floor and a mirror in the middle of a mess. Further evidence of this theory is the presence of a tray with food on the right floor, which indicates that the patient was fed by the attendants who cared for him during the illness.

The lines on the ceiling and floor show an interesting view and the eye follows them; The lines on the ceiling indicate the entrance to the room where Christ entered, and the lines on the floor mosaics show the area around the room.

There are many lotus flowers around the girl's head, which indicates her death before Christ arrived on her bed, because lotus flowers were not used for living people.

The painting "Christ is raising the daughter of Jairus" has a special splendor and is a great example of how to use lighting effects, colors, shapes and patterns that show the artist's more knowledge and application to the work.

Prepared and arranged by: Narges Saheb Ekhtiari