Silver morning, a painting by Kazem Chalipa

Silver morning, a painting by Kazem ChalipaSilver morning, a painting by Kazem Chalipa

It is called silver morning. A painting with a landscape theme from the treasure collection of the visual arts center of the art field. At first glance, there is a mountain rising to the sky and a plain being plowed with a plowshare. In a closer look, we see the hills where a woman and a child are lighting a fire, in the mountain area there is an image of an imamzadeh with two trees, which is a heart-shaped panel, and as a panel, it tells us that all these events happened in one morning. has fallen. Chelipa, who is fond of landscape painting, has tried to recreate with a dream image the subject that painters have been dealing with for years. This time, however, the subject of the painting has happened in this area, somewhere between the foothills of Zagros, or perhaps, the whole of this endless expanse of the homeland. Silver Morning can be considered as an excellent type of narrative landscape painting that immerses the viewer in the dream created by the painter with a very sweet pen. A cool morning that is warmed by the work of a farmer and his hope for the future, and the light that is the hope of all of our lives and is shown in the form of a mountain with a steadfast heart.