A note on a work by Kazem Chalipa

A note on a work by Kazem ChalipaA note on a work by Kazem Chalipa

In this painting, the main hero is in the middle and many martyrs of history are watching her. She prefers the benefit of others over herself, as if she is giving up her right so that others can get their right. This character is holding her offspring. Behind her stands a headless rider, as if depicting a pillar of history.

At the bottom of the painting, there is another type of narrative. . All the calm and stillness of the painting in this part turns into passion, excitement and movement, with red colors and high contrast. The heroes of this work are born on the one hand, and on the other hand, they go to the battlefield and pledge allegiance to a group of martyrs in the background. But she is still selflessly standing in the middle of the painting and offers the pieces of her existence. There is no place for mourning in the painting. Everything becomes pure sacrifice.