The house has crystallized/ by Habibollah Sadeghi

The house has crystallized/ by Habibollah SadeghiThe house has crystallized/ by Habibollah Sadeghi

In the dictionary, it is stated as follows: Crystallized. What is crystallized. crystallized and refer to crystal and crystallization. Allowed from clear, obvious, visible. . This is a theme that we can clearly see in the painting of the summer of 64. This year, the country is engaged in war and successive military operations. But being an artist in all these pressures has a look at the other side of the story. The architectural building, which is a significant subject among artists' paintings, is usually seen with a specific narrative of decay and obsolescence in the history of art. But this time, the structure of the building in Sadeghi's pen has gone beyond and has become a living being, a being that is crystallizing. By displaying underwear on the balcony of the house, he points to an obvious contradiction in the world of rich and poor and the class gap. In the period when the oppressed people's mind is wavering in the galaxy of presence in the holy defense fronts, Sadeghi reveals this duality.