Rami Jamrat painting by master Habibollah Sadeghi

Rami Jamrat painting by master Habibollah SadeghiRami Jamrat painting by master Habibollah Sadeghi

What religious thought gives to man is a belief consisting of reason and science, a believer needs these two elements. The essence of the sweet Qur'an is a truth consisting of reason and love. I painted the "Rami Jamrat" painting during the period when I was appointed as the artistic director of Imam Khomeini's (RA) delegation to the Hajj.

Sadeghi pointed out that Imam Khomeini (RA) said: "If the heart becomes divine, all actions, behaviors and intentions will also become divine", and noted: I have produced a collection of about 10 paintings based on this saying of the Imam. Among them are works such as "Rami Jamrat", "Burial of Hearts", "Rozeh Rezvan" and "Man Mahim". Imam Khomeini (RA) had many talks about mysticism, ethics and heart. Only the brain does not command a person, we have two strategic centers in us: the heart and the mind. Our martyrs reached belief with a combination of reason and love so that they could create these epics.

In the "Rami Jamrat" painting, I depicted Haji's heart in the shape of Kaaba. When a person's heart is the house of God, it becomes pure and free from wealth and coercion. In this painting, I depicted the lords of power and wealth in two columns behind Haji's head. A true pilgrim fights with demons, polytheists and his carnal desires, because his heart has become the house of God. The stone in Haji's hand is a symbol of struggle and perseverance in the war with God's enemies.

About the other symbols in the "Remi Jamrat" painting, the artist mentioned: In this painting, I drew the image of a crow, which is a symbol of biased reporting. There is also a book in the panel which is a symbol of satanic books that are written to fight with Islam and other heavenly religions. Quran is the only book that has purity and eloquence in the meaning of the whole word.