Selected photos of "World Press"

Selected photos of "World Press"Selected photos of "World Press"

According to the website of the Visual magazine and quoted by the Guardian, an impressive image of the memorial for the children of the Aboriginal school in Canada was announced as the main winner of this period of the "World Press" photography competition. The photo, which was awarded the title of "World Press Photo of the Year", depicts shirts hanging on a cross on the side of a highway. These shirts are actually a symbol of the Aboriginal school children in Kamloops who lost their lives.

This photo is one of a series of images that Canadian photographer Amber Brecken captured for the New York Times on the subject of Kamloops Aboriginal Boarding School.

Another photo titled "Saving the Forest with Fire" by Matthew Abbott from Australia won the story of the year award. This photo shows the use of aboriginal Australians using a method of controlled forest burning to destroy the undergrowth.

A photograph titled "Amazonian Anti-Utopia" by "Lao de Almeida" from Brazil won the long-term project award of this competition. This photo shows the great threats facing the Amazon rainforest.

Below you can see some of the winners of the regional section:

"Protesters of Sudan" / Africa

Palestinian children in Gaza / Asia

"Afraid to go to school" / Africa

"Tiger and human conflict" / Asia

"Oya Island Fire" / Europe

 "Ukraine crisis" / Europe