Endless and dreamy atmosphere in Gerard David's paintings

Endless and dreamy atmosphere in Gerard David's paintingsEndless and dreamy atmosphere in Gerard David's paintings

The Gospel / Gerard David / 1506 AD

Gerard David, one of the earliest Dutch painters, became famous for his use of bright colors. He was a prolific and successful painter who probably ran two painting workshops in Antwerp and Bruges at the same time. Gerard David was a member of the Painters Guild of his time.

The surviving works of "David" consist mainly of religious scenes. Endless and almost dreamy atmosphere of calm waves in his works. Soft, warm and delicate coloring and his masterful play with light and shadows are other features of his works.

David had an innovative approach to reusing traditional themes and approaches to landscapes.

Although many early twentieth-century art historians, including Erwin Panofsky and Max Jakob Friedländer, saw him as a painter who distorted the style of others a little and painted in an ancient, carefree style. Today, however, he is best known as a master of painting who, according to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, has worked in a "progressive, even innovative" way. Gerard David puts aside his medieval heritage and creates the work in a transitional period with his own purity.

Prepared and arranged by: Narges Sahib Ekhtiari