Frames to reveal behind the scenes of a festival

Frames to reveal behind the scenes of a festivalFrames to reveal behind the scenes of a festival

In the name of Allah

Frames to reveal behind the scenes of a festival

The long-standing enmity of Western countries, especially the British, has no other purpose than to create division between Shiites and Sunnis. They have been making and publishing offensive films or cartoons for a long time and facing the Islamic community with a reaction. According to the supreme leader of the revolution, their art is to create discord. When the Holy Spider film won an award at the French Cannes Film Festival, this was the destination; Creating differences and faults and breaking the hearts of thousands of Muslims around the world.

But the important point is that instead of unintentionally and indirectly becoming a publicist of the holy spider and promoting the film in a way, we should deal with it in a different way. . Certainly, the creation of works of art and the creation of visual and theatrical works to show the virtues and dignities of the Ahl al-Bayt to the world will have a greater impact. So far, every film released has not found a place in the public mind. Is it possible to stop the light of Imamate by publishing such films? For many years, the love for Ahl al-Bayt has been beating in the hearts of Muslims. Holding the cartoon and caricature exhibition "Ken from a close-up" just a few days after this action was the best response that was given to the world with the language of art and had wide repercussions all over the world. This exhibition was shown to the public on the evening of June 6 at the waiting porch of Waliasr metro station and will continue until June 16 ,2022. According to Seyyed Masoud Shojaei Tabatabai, whose works are in this exhibition, cartoons and caricatures are very expressive and quick tools for quick reactions, and they give answers very quickly.

He tells "Iran" about the purpose of holding this festival: "In the past, we have taken many actions as a reaction to the insult to the sacred space of the Imams of Athar. This is not the first time that a festival is held in response to such events. I remember that when the British stole the Iranian oil tanker, we immediately took action and instead, we took their oil tanker, how the western media worked on the second news and did not say anything about the British stealing the Iranian oil tanker. We immediately put up an exhibition called "Queen of the Extortionist Ship", which was very well received and, by the way, the foreign media also covered it quickly. Fortunately, with this exhibition, we were able to let the world know that they started the theft and our action was to retaliate." He goes on to explain about the use of cartoons and caricatures by Westerners: "Westerners, especially the French government, have tried to make our religion and holy things, especially the prophet of kindness, their target in the field of cartoons and caricatures. What is the message of Mohani's caricature that was published in Charlie Hebdo magazine or other cases other than hatred and projection? ? What is the purpose of offending the hearts of Muslims? Definitely, no other purpose can be imagined for it except the racist and hateful look. In a country that considers itself the cradle of freedom of speech, but works with a dual approach in the world. They allow themselves to insult the beliefs of any country. But when, for example, someone makes a plan related to the Holocaust, they deal with him severely and give heavy punishments. "The most severe monetary crimes are against those who comment on the gas chambers or the Holocaust."

Masoud Shojaei Tabatabai

Mohammad Hossein Niromand

The Cannes award shows anti-Islamism and Islamophobia

Tabatabai continues: "In the recent incident at Cannes, it was quite clear that the political view became harsh not only against Iran but also against our religion. And an attack was created by the Holy Spider movie, and an award was given to this movie, and the noise created by the Western media all shows hostility, anti-Islamism, and Islamophobia. "It's their nature to present a velvet face so that it looks like a work of art is being presented."

In response to those who say that the film has not yet been released, how the exhibition is being held about it, this artist explains: "When you look at the poster of the film, the royal court of Imam Reza (a.s.) has been targeted and the spider depicted in the space above the shrine Drawn is the height of malice of the filmmaker and the actors who participate in it. Imam Reza (AS) is the Imam of kindness. They know that Muslims are sensitive to their imams, and everything we have is from pure imams."

We gave an artistic answer in the form of a caricature

Tabatabai says about the creation of the cartoon and caricature exhibition "Ken from a Closer View": "Imam Khomeini (RA) said: If the globalists want to stand in front of our religion, we will stand in front of all their worlds. As artists, we had a duty to use our art and present our message to the world. Cartoons and caricatures are very expressive and quick tools for quick reactions and give answers very quickly. The important thing is that it has a humorous flavor that makes them angry. After the establishment of the exhibition, the media of Maand worked with a series of titles to destroy this movement. We gave an artistic answer in the form of cartoons. Why are you so upset? They are very afraid that behind the scenes of this incident will be revealed. Behind the scenes, he played a completely dirty political game at this point and put insulting Imam Rauf on his agenda."

He explains about the artists who have created works in this exhibition: "In this exhibition, prominent artists such as Professor Mohammad Hossein Niromand, Abbas Gudarzi, Maziar Bijani, Professor Masoud Najabati, etc. are among the best artists who have created works. I myself have been working for nearly 40 years. The important point of this exhibition was that the artists who participated in this event were also added to their number. This exhibition expanded with more works and became more comprehensive. Nearly 70 works have been produced so far and displayed in the public spaces of the city. From under the subway to Valiasr Hall, Ivan Entezar and Mellat Campus, all of which were well seen. Even in the virtual space, even though some networks like Instagram did not shine, but thanks to my colleagues and the widespread publication of the works in the virtual space, it was well received.

Masoud Najabati