Conceptual staging to show routineness

Conceptual staging to show routinenessConceptual staging to show routineness

Vassilis Pantelidis (born 1984) is a Greek artist and photographer living and working in Thessaloniki.

His artistic activity focuses on the human subject and body in interaction with space and objects. He is interested in identity, time and memory, symbolism and stereotypes. In carefully created images, the artist becomes the protagonist in various scenarios, in which he presents familiar and everyday things in an unusual context. By introducing strange, paradoxical, and absurd things, his images act as visual metaphors that blur the boundaries between reality and imagination.

He designs heterogeneous episodes to portray the human condition today. A sad situation at the same time mixed with human humor in the new age. Like a theatrical stage designer, he creates a scene that simultaneously depicts abstraction, contradiction, emptiness, and repetition in life that is wrapped around a human thread. A person who does not know the way to salvation or escape from this trap and the artist does not help the viewer.

These dichotomies press on the human soul like a metaphysical torment, and in this tragic tragedy, uncertainty about life increases.

Prepared and arranged by: Narges Sahib Ekhtiari