About the famous Dutch Baroque painter

About the famous Dutch Baroque painterAbout the famous Dutch Baroque painter

"Johannes Vermeer" was a famous Dutch painter who lived and worked in the Golden Age of Holland. Along with "Rembrandt" and "Frans Hals", he is known as the most important representatives of the Dutch Baroque; However, there is not much information about this artist. It seems that the life of this artist was calm like the subjects of his paintings.

In the following, you will learn five things about this famous artist:

"Vermeer"; A self-taught artist

"Johannes Vermeer" was born in 1632 in the city of "Delft" located in South Holland. His father was a silk merchant, but then he went to run an inn and buy and sell art works. Perhaps this activity of Vermeer's father helped him to start studying art. However, a few years later, his father was in debt, and this issue can be a reason for Vermeer's continued activity as a self-taught artist.

"Vermeer" died at the age of 43

This artist married a Catholic woman in 1653 and moved to his wife's mother's house. He worked as a painter all his life and died at the age of 43. His love for his hometown is evident in the painting "Small Street".

"Small Street" painting

This painting, which is one of the two landscape paintings created by this painter, depicts the "small street" of everyday life in Delft in the 17th century. Among the characteristics of "Vermeer" in the creation of paintings, we can mention his attention to details. In 2015, the exact location of the artist's "Small Street" painting was finally determined, but by comparing the current situation with this painting, it can be seen that almost all parts of this place have changed.

The current location of the "Small Street" painting

Painter of intimate scenes or everyday life

So far, only 35 paintings have been attributed to "Vermeer" and most of them depict scenes from everyday life. The subjects of most of his paintings were women doing daily tasks such as reading a letter or even pouring milk into a container. Most of the subjects are painted in a room with a window on the left side.

One of the most important features of Vermeer's works was his interest in light. Sunlight falls naturally on the subjects and the artist portrays the features of the subjects with the help of light and shadow.

"Vermeer" was almost unknown until the 19th century

This artist passed the stages of success slowly as a professional painter throughout his life. He was a member of a regional group of painters and with his death his name was forgotten. Until the 19th century, many of his works were attributed to other artists until Théophile Thoré Burger, a French art critic, rediscovered the artist's works.

The painter "Vermeer" is one of the most famous works of art in history

"Girl with a Pearl Earring" is the most famous painting of this artist. This painting, which is also known as "Mona Lisa of the North", is a symbol of a style called "Troni". Vermeer's skill in depicting light in his paintings is evident in the way this girl looks and the reflection of light in her pearl earrings.