A boy in a striped sweater

A boy in a striped sweaterA boy in a striped sweater

Amedeo Clemente Modigliani was a prominent expressionist painter and Italian sculptor. He spent most of his career in France. He began his career with figurative art, but soon entered modern art. His modern works were characterized by masked faces, such as portraits whose length and thinness were exaggerated. He died in Paris at the age of 35 of meningitis due to poverty, overwork and drug abuse.

In 1918, Modigliani painted a portrait of a boy, describing how he felt when he created the work:

It was in 1918 that at one of the rare meetings I saw a little boy running at full speed.

He was surrounded by sharp and at the same time melancholy confusion.

It is as if it came from Cézanne's bold design or from the heart of Wengo's strange works.

It was almost as if the child were hanging restlessly on the horizon: like a leash or like the setting sun, it trembled carelessly in a state of instability like a rainbow.

The colors of his face, like the colors of the rainbow, were soft and subtle, dominating the world around him and separating himself from other things with unprecedented pride.

His erratic behavior was like the movements of a chicken. Instead, the halo around him became mixed and unstable.

His eyes were glassy and sincere, as if his sky were ecstatic from within.

With the blows of a brush, my soul casts the shadows of an indescribable collaboration on the canvas.

Finally, today in Venice you can experience another coexistence of spirit and taste.