The poor poet lives in his dreams

The poor poet lives in his dreamsThe poor poet lives in his dreams

The Poor Poet by Carl Spitzweg, oil on canvas, 1839

The painting of the poor poet by Carl Spitzweg is a German artist. This painting shows the humor of the poet and has an interesting atmosphere. In this work, we see a disturbed poet in an attic room. An umbrella is apparently hanging to prevent rainwater from seeping through the dilapidated roof. Old books, bundles of newspapers and threadbare clothes are scattered all over the room. The poet holds a fairy in his mouth and shows the nothing sign with one hand. This work was painted in 1839. Hitler liked this painting very much.

In 1976, this painting was stolen from Berlin's National Gallery by a set design artist. This artist, whose name was Ulay, considered his work a political act and hung the painting on the wall of a humble house of a Turkish family living in Germany.

After that, he immediately called the museum and confessed to the theft and pointed out that his act was political.

The painting was returned, but in 1989, it was stolen again, this time by another person, and until today, there is no news of it.

This painting evoked much sympathy in the 19th century, which continues to this day. Its appeal almost stems from the fact that it mixes everyday life with idealism; The audience sees both well. This feeling of closeness and intimacy is very enjoyable. Because it allows us to imagine ourselves in the picture and in the place of the life of a poet who is doing what he loves. This sense of idealism is also very attractive because it points to a more balanced and beautiful kind of harsh and brutal realism. Nothing serious; Problems can wait for now. By looking at this table, you will realize that living in dreams is really possible.