It is true! (I do not like Mickey Mouse)

It is true! (I do not like Mickey Mouse)It is true! (I do not like Mickey Mouse)

Pierre Bernard was a French graphic designer and artist born in 1942 and died in 2015.

In 1970, he founded the Grapus Art Center with François Meyer and Gerard Paris Clover. Grapus Art Center is a key factor in the social function of graphic art. That is, both in terms of the growth and development of this art and in terms of the recognition and individualization of this art. The paintings on display at the Grapus Art Center have played a major role in the history of the world of graphic art and still influence the French art scene to this day; The same images that have strong roots in the social sciences and semiotics and are inspired by the teachings of the Polish poster maker Henry Tomaszewski .

Bernard studied at the Higher School of Fine Arts in Paris and at the Academy of Arts in Warsaw (under the supervision of Tomaszewski). In addition to designing posters, his career has included an organizational identity program, including for the Louvre.

It is true! (I do not like Mickey Mouse) / 1981 / Pierre Bernard

The poster was designed for an exhibition at the Louvre Museum and was probably a response to Disney's decision to set up a Disney theme park in Europe, the location of which had not yet been determined by the mid-1980s.

Since 1981, and as part of a collection for a poster exhibition at the Louvre, this image is probably a response to Disney's plan to open a theme park in Europe. Its exact location was not known until the mid-1980s, so Grapus seems to have responded here to the overall layout and Disney in general.

Prepared and arranged by: Narges Sahib Ekhtiari