Landscape of the forest near Ouelle

Landscape of the forest near OuelleLandscape of the forest near Ouelle

Pete Mondrian; He is one of the famous Dutch painters and expressionist artists. He taught for a time, taking drawing lessons in boarding classes, and later studied painting at the Amsterdam Academy from 1892 to 1894. One of his famous works is "Gray Tree".

"Forest view near Ouelle" is another important work of Mondrian. He describes this work: This painting, painted in 1908, is very important to me because it was before the painting "Square Canvases" that made me famous. Before Square Square, I was a landscape artist, and let me tell you - I loved to fool myself with the avant-garde. The forest landscape is actually a painting in the Fauvist school, like the one we see at the Festival of Random Colors, part of a forest on the Dutch outskirts of Amsterdam. But in this work, you can also see how I distanced myself from the traditional perspective and gradually approached my characteristic abstraction by using straight lines and primary colors.