Davinci unfinished paintings

Davinci unfinished paintingsDavinci unfinished paintings

Davinci left countless unfinished works of art, many of which are unknown, untraceable and forgotten. In fact, the legacy of this famous artist includes less than 20 complete paintings.

Leonardo Davinci was born in the golden age of creativity, and his genius was acclaimed throughout his life. His interests varied. Davinci was omniscient, a Renaissance man who loved the world around him. He acquired advanced skills in various fields such as mechanics, carpentry, engineering and painting.

"Saint Jerome" by Davinci, 1480

The painting of Saint Jerome is one of the unfinished works of Davinci. According to the Daily Art, "Saint Jerome" moved to Rome at a young age, and he translated the books of the Old and New Testaments into Latin at the request of Pope Damasus I. After the pope's death, he spent four years of his life as an ascetic in the Syrian desert. This chapter in the life of Saint Jerome became a popular subject of religious art.

Even in his unfinished painting, Davinci depicts a mysterious interpretation of an old ascetic kneeling in a rocky landscape. This ascetic is surrounded by mountains that are covered with fog. In one corner of this painting you can see the original design of a church. Also in front of "Saint Jerome" is the same lion that had become his faithful companion after "Saint Jerome" pulled a thorn out of its foot.

Davinci ‌ ‌ started this painting around 1482. It's still unclear if this was a custom painting or not. The painting is now in the Vatican Museums.

"Moghaneh Prayer" by Davinci, 1482

"Prayer of Moghan" is another unfinished painting by Davinci. The meeting of three wise men with Christ is a popular subject in Christian religious paintings. The famous painting "Davinci" with this theme was created by order of monks and for the altar of a church in Florence. The painting was to be completed in three months. In this painting, the Blessed Virgin Mary and Christ are in the center of the image as children.

"Moghan Prayer" ‌ by Filippino Lippi, 1496

Davinci moved to Milan in 1482 after accepting an offer to work as an artist at the court of Milan. Thus the monks commissioned another painter to create the new painting "Prayer of Moghan". Both of these "Moghan Prayer" paintings are now housed in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

In addition to these unfinished works, Davinci left unfinished sculptures, inventions, and writings that were never published during his lifetime.

Despite all these unfinished works, this masterful artist cannot be described as an unworthy artist. The fact is that Davinci was hesitant to announce the completion and completeness of his work. The more he learned and gained experience, the more he felt the need to improve and complete his work.