I enjoy the direct connection with the canvas and colors

I enjoy the direct connection with the canvas and colorsI enjoy the direct connection with the canvas and colors

"Mohammed Javad Zare Mahzabieh" is a Shirazi painter and cartoonist, born in 1983 and currently works as the manager of Vasal Gallery in Shiraz.

He completed his master's degree in painting and in 2010-2017, he was the chairman of the board of the scientific association of Azad University's painting department and was in charge of the visual arts unit of Fars art field.

Until now, he has the experience of being the secretary of several festivals, including: International Cartoon Festival "We Defeat Corona" 2020 and judging eight competitions in his career. In 2010, he was introduced as the best young man of culture and art in the national festival of Hazrat Ali Akbar (AS).


He has won the first place seven times in various domestic festivals, including Simorgh International Festival in the fields of caricature, painting and graphics, and has participated in several group exhibitions. In 2015, he participated in the Florence painting biennial, his work was accepted and exhibited. In addition, he has been the executive director of more than 30 group exhibitions in Shiraz and other cities of Iran. He has a history of managing five street exhibitions focusing on cartoons.

The artistic activity of this artist began professionally in the field of painting in 2012.  He chose painting for the freedom of action and the generality that exists in Darbian and says: When faced with the two-dimensional surface of the canvas, I can penetrate deeper and deeper into the depths of my imagination for hours, and this topic is very attractive to me.

Unfortunately, I have to say that my income is not through art, and most of my time and energy are spent in other ways. Because of this, I have less time to paint and think about my ideas.

Maybe in the current era, it is difficult to talk about the style of painting. But in order to acquire a way of expression that leads to the creation of so-called signature works for the artist, I believe that it is necessary to continue and gain practical experience, which over time is mixed with the spirit, pen and idea of the painter. I believe that the mentioned process can be effective in expressing and creating identity for the painter in a personal way.

In the path I have taken, I feel relatively satisfied, but I do not consider this level of satisfaction sufficient for me; Of course, sometimes I lose this amount of satisfaction, and I move towards dissatisfaction and internal conflict, which becomes the driving factor for creating a new work or idea.

The subject of my works is formed from the encounter with the environment and my familiarity with elements from the heart of the contemporary world, the imaginary world, reading texts or going deeper into a specific topic. In the next steps, it becomes an effect by etching or removing and adding elements.

Of course, I am not satisfied with this process, because due to the long implementation process from the initial idea to the creation of the work, I lose the initial pure feeling. I would like this distance to be minimized.

Design has two modes for me. First, a design that is supposed to be a final work, and in this design everything becomes important, second, quick etudes with few details that should clarify my assignment with the canvas, in fact, this design is the first step in creating a painting.

I have never used digital techniques in painting. I have a pleasant feeling of direct communication and feeling the canvas and colors.

 Prepared and arranged by: Narges Saheb Ekhtiari