The 3rd International Quds Day Cartoon Festival-2022

The 3rd International Quds Day Cartoon Festival-2022The 3rd International Quds Day Cartoon Festival-2022
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The third International Quds Day Cartoon Festival

* Topic:

As this period of the festival coincides with the arrogant efforts to normalize relations between the Arab and Islamic countries with the occupying regime, and also due to the proximity of the Day of Judgment, it is held on the following two topics:

1. The betrayal of some Arab leaders in the normalization of relations with Israel

2. Nakba Day  (Memory of the Catastrophe) the Palestinian Catastrophewhich comprised the destruction of Palestinian society and homeland in 1948, It generally commemorated on 15 May.

* Secretary:
Masoud Shojai Tabatabi

The names of Iranian and foreign judges will be announced soon.

* regulation:

1. Each cartoonist can participate in each of the competition topics with a maximum of 3 works (6 works in total).

2. The size of the submitted cartoons must be A4 in jpg format and 300 dpi resolution.

3. The technique is free.

4. The submitted cartoons must be named in English according to the following example:

Name and surname of the cartoonist - work number - mobile phone number (with country prefix). like the:

Amir Amiri01-00989120000000.jpg

5. Cartoons must be emailed to the festival secretariat in the form of an "attachment".

6. Participants must fill in the festival participation form and email with their photo, along with the cartoons.

7. The Secretariat recognizes the sender of the form as the owner of the submitted cartoon and, if proven otherwise, removes the relevant work from the competition.

8. Cartoons should not have won an award from another festival.

9. Works related to both topics will be judged together.

10. The right to use the works of the participant, in any way, is reserved for the secretariat of the festival.

11. All participants will be awarded a certificate of participation in the festival.

12 . Submitting cartoons constitutes acceptance of the rules of the competition.

* awards:

First person: Honorary diploma and 1500 Euros.

Second person: honorary diploma and 1000 Euros.

Third person: Honorary diploma and 700 Euros.

A certificate of participation will be presented to all those whose works are accepted.

* Send works:

1. Deadline for submission:

The maximum deadline for receiving cartoons to the festival secretariat is July 22, 2022 

2. How to send:

Participants must send their "cartoons", "biography" and "photos" via the festival email (

Click on the word "Entry Form" to receive the registration form.

* Contact the secretariat:

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or problems in submitting works, contact the festival secretariat in the following ways:

Phone number: 025-32131320 (call hours from 8 am to 2 pm)

Mobile number: 09122530366

SMS number: 30008070900000


List Of Participants