OnLine Art Exhibition, Gozar Art Group

OnLine Art Exhibition, Gozar Art GroupOnLine Art Exhibition, Gozar Art Group
  • Start:Nov. 17, 2022
  • End:Dec. 17, 2022

Ghozar Art Group was established in 2019 with the efforts of Sahar Eshghi Sani with the aim of introducing the culture and contemporary art of Iran to the world, as well as introducing the works of artists from other countries to the Iranian art community. Following the planning and efforts of Gozar Art Group to introduce Iranian artists and sell their works of art, this group has organized art exhibitions in art galleries and internationally. Unfortunately, in 2020, we faced the challenge of the spread of Corona in the world, which led to the closure of galleries, museums and art places all over the world. Gozar Art Group started to create the first online art exhibition of works of Iranian artists with a solution seeking action. These exhibitions were held in cooperation with international online galleries on a very large scale with the participation of more than 2000 artists and the participation of more than 2000 selected works of art.

Ahmadreza Raoufi /disposition / 2016/ Acrylic and combination of industrial materials/ 100.100 cm

These exhibitions, which are still ongoing, provided an opportunity for artists and art lovers all over the world to get to know the culture and art of Iran and the abilities of Iranian artists. We hope that these activities will increase the artistic and cultural exchange of Iranian artists with the world and lead to the promotion and development of art.

Our last online exhibition with the participation of sixteen selected Iranian artists will be held on the American international site from November 26 to December 26, 1401.
This American international site also offers a new possibility for virtual visit of the work in 3D space.
Click the following link to visit the exhibition:

:List of participating artists

Ahmadreza Raoufi,Tahereh Salimi,Azita Hassannouri,Narges Khairi,Farshid Alipour,Parisa Taghizadeh,Hanan Bazargod,Neda Zihagh,Mahdis Gholamalisinki,Elham Shirsefat,Mohamadamin Taslimi,Nilofar Rastgoftar,Nasim Faixelahidehkordi,Masomeh Saiyedhossaini,Eilonet Eisaei, Melody Sadri,Seyedeh Sahar Ahmadpor, Bita Malekalaei